Submit photos to: icicles@farnuminsulators.com

Please include you name and contact information. Good luck!

Are you in the icicle making business? If your home looks like this, then you are! Although pretty, icicles are a clear sign of heat loss.

We can help you get out of the icicle making business, start saving money on your heating bills and make your home a whole lot more comfortable.

Farnum Insulators is asking all homeowners to join friends and neighbors for the First Annual Icicle Campaign. Running from now through March 31, send photos of the biggest icicles and ice-dams now forming on the roofs of New England. We are not looking for the prettiest, in fact, we hope you will share the biggest and ugliest. If you are you seeing icicles send photos to icicles@farnuminsulators.com.

Each month we will select a winner who will receive a free Home Energy Audit valued at $450. At the end of the campaign the three homeowners with the leakiest homes will receive one of the following LEAKY AWARDS.

  • Most Leaky will receive $250 towards weatherization upgrades,
  • Second Most Leaky will receive $100 towards weatherization upgrades,
  • Third Most Leaky will receive a wool hat and socks!

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Official Rules:

  • Photos must be of your home and be from within 100 miles of Farnum World Headquarters, aka 29 Brickyard Lane, East Dummerston, Vermont.
  • Each submission must include the name and contact information of the homeowner and provide permission to Farnum Insulators, Inc. to post the photos and use them in marketing.
  • Icicles will be judged on size, the quantity or pervasiveness, point of origin (from eave or out of the soffit/clapboards), color (dirty ice gets extra points!!!)