Farnum Insulates Tiny House

Spencer Knickerbocker and his tiny house

Spencer Knickerbocker and his tiny house

Farnum Insulators help to keep you and your family comfortable in your home, no matter what the season.

We insulate all kinds and sizes of homes - some are large and some are small. The home we’d like to tell you about in today’s blog is on the smaller side - the WAY smaller side.

Meet Spencer Knickerbocker. Spencer is a senior at Marlboro College. If you’re a local and follow the ski jumping circuit, you may remember Spencer from his days on the US Ski Team in the Nordic Combined event. He continues to jump at the Harris Hill Ski Jump, you may have even seen him jump last February!  

This athlete and econ major may be a wiz when it comes to economic theory and jumping off 90 meter towers, but he’s also got quite a talent for carpentry! Not to mention a self-reliant spirit. With no building plans or much experience, he built a tiny house this summer, basically by himself – well, maybe with a little help from a few friends…

He’s been involved with the Tiny House Festival in Brattleboro, VT and decided it was time to build one for himself.  The eleven-foot tall house is built on an 8x20 foot trailer. Spencer says he made it to conform to the legal limits for towing on the highway.  His plan is to park the house in a field in Marlboro owned by some friends. To date he’s spent about $20,000 on materials - incredible!

The house is currently parked at Vermont Canoe Touring Center on Putney Road where Spencer’s been working this summer. That’s where our team of super spray foamers, Phil and James found him and his tiny house. They sprayed 3 inches of closed-cell spray foam on the walls, floor and ceiling - take a look at the photo gallery below. Spencer’s plan is to install a small propane heater for the winter months. It’s not going to take much energy to keep the place cozy this winter!

Maybe Farnum Insulators can help you keep your tiny house – or not so tiny house -  more comfortable this winter – contact us via email or give us a call for a free consultation 802-387-5005.

If you want to learn more about tiny houses – contact the folks at the Brattleboro Tiny House Festival. Here’s their website: https://tinyhousefestvermont.com/