Hassle-Free Financing

Farnum Insulators has partnered with Efficiency Vermont and EnerBank USA®, bringing you, the customer, quick, hassle-free, cost-effective opportunities to increase your house's energy efficiency. Increased efficiency leads to a more comfortable home and a lowered energy bill.

While many people will opt to save for a big project or to complete it in stages as money becomes available, our financing options can start saving you money immediately. These instant energy bill savings will go to offset the cost of your monthly loan payments. Once the loan is paid off, customers see dramatic savings from month to month. Some of our customers have even found that their energy savings were large enough to completely cover the loan payments. This means instant savings as soon as the work is completed.


Efficiency Vermont offers many options for home improvement financing. The Home Energy Loan will cover 100% of the project up to $40,000 and has the potential for 0% interest financing for low to moderate income residents of Vermont. This can be combined with a wealth of rebates available on our products and services to lower the cost even more.

The NeighborWorks of Western Vermont Energy Loans, available statewide to residents of Vermont, are processed in two days or less and there is no prepayment penalty. Green Mountain Power customers can even repay their loan through their electric bill.

EnerBank USA® is an FDIC insured, highly specialized national lender with loans only available through authorized contractors, such as Farnum Insulators. Their goal is to help homeowners realize the potentials of their properties through remodeling projects and energy-saving products and services.


They offer only unsecured loans, which means your property is not used as collateral and the home equity remains intact. This means that, in the case of an emergency down the line, you would still have access to this potential source of funding to alleviate financial shortfalls.

These unsecured loans have low-interest rates that are locked in at signing for the entire life of the loan, whereas paying for the project with your credit cards usually results in a much higher, and potentially variable, interest rate. Also, not maxing out your credit cards leaves you with liquid assets in case of an emergency. EnerBank USA® approves most loans quickly and over the phone. There is no penalty for paying the loan off early, so there is no added stress placed on you.

With so many financing options, there are even fewer reasons not to let us make your home more comfortable, and cheaper to maintain. Give us a call or follow this link to set up a free estimate and start enjoying the comfort of your own home.